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Cad-Q FM Services

Cad-Q Facility Management (FM) is a division within Cad-Q, the Nordic region's leading supplier of model- and drawing-related IT.

Cad-Q FM work with IT-based business support based on drawing- and model data for the Nordic construction and property sector. Cad-Q FM turns over about SEK 60 million and has 25 employees.

The commission:
Help us to formulate our message so that we can communicate it. And package it in a modern website, in several languages, that is regularly updated. Establish procedures surrounding the newsletter and how we communicate in social media.

Brandplanner's role:
Brandplanner/Lännart Nilsson was engaged as Communications Coordinator at Cad-Q FM.


Strategy and text Johan Belin. Design Styrbjörn Lyberg. Photo Anna Hult. Prepress Bosse Blom. Website Webmind. Translation Teknotrans.


About Brandplanner:
”What is most striking is how quickly Brandplanner got to grips with it. What we offer is quite complicated, but Lännart and his team encapsulated what we had spent a considerable time searching for. A simple and exciting way of articulating the benefit we provide to businesses. I feel that they have a good balance between experience and new thinking, which is ideal for us.
And our bad conscience – the newsletter – is now sent out regularly to our customers”

Anders Moberg, Business Area Manager, Facility Management Services