CC Pack. Thinking fresh.


CC Pack


CC Pack is part of AR Packaging, an international group within packaging, primarily for the convenience goods trade and pharmaceuticals/medicines.
CC Pack develop and manufacture trays and packaging, primarily for the fast and ready-to-eat food industry in Europe.
The company is based in Tibro in Sweden, and it manufactures more moulded cardboard trays there than anywhere else in Europe, a total of more than 300 million units a year.
CC Pack has 35 employees and turns over EUR 12 million, half of which is exports.


The commission:
Brandplanner was commissioned to create a communication concept for the brand and based on that to develop and produce a new website for CC Pack.


Brandplanner's role:
Brand adviser, strategist, coordinator and project manager.


Strategy & Text Johan Belin. Design Styrbjörn Lyberg. Photo Anna Hult. Stylist Louise Ljung. Website Kodexe.


About Brandplanner:
”We now have a website that really reflects who we are and what we stand for, not only what we do. Our new brand statement Thinking Fresh sums us up perfectly, and actually Brandplanner's way of working as well.”

Christoffer Olbrich, Managing Director, CC Pack