Husqvarna. Global leader in outdoor power products.



Husqvarna is one of the world's largest brands within powered products for forests, parks and gardens. The company operates in over 100 markets throughout the world and offers a wide range of products extending from extreme professional products for forestry to consumer products such as lawnmowers and trimmers.

The commission read: Build the Husqvarna brand into a global premium brand.
Increase the coordination and effect of the brand's communication and advertising.
Reduce the consolidated global marketing costs.

Brandplanner's role:
Lännart worked as international advertising and communication manager with responsibility for the advertising and communication strategy and implementation from overall level down to sales and communication of the product range. 


About Brandplanner:
”Lännart is one of the most creative and driven advertising managers I have worked with. He is not always the easiest and most accommodating, but he does make things happen. He has an ability to get colleagues to perceive opportunities instead of difficulties and to make the impossible possible – and to get different markets to work together and deliver based on an overall brand.”


Bertil Davidsson, Global Brand and Marketing Director Husqvarna