Jaktia. Hunting, fishing & leisure time



Jaktia is Sweden's largest chain of shops for hunting and fishing equipment and consists of 35 franchise shops from Sjöbo in the south to Kiruna in the north. The range includes equipment and clothing for hunting, fishing and active leisure time outdoors. Principal is Jaktia's CEO Lars Martinsson.

The commission:
Brandplanner was commissioned to structure and develop the brand's communication, with the focus on a modern website, the digital presence in general and Jaktia's Content Marketing platform in particular.
In addition, the commission involved managing film & photo productions, printed material, trade fairs &amp. together with Jaktia's advertising agency.


Brandplanner's role:
Brandplanner/Lännart Nilsson was engaged as Marketing and Communication Manager.


Content marketing strategy Kntnt. Website Bullet. Photo, film and printed material Stendahls.

About Brandplanner:
”I have actually known Lännart since my time at Husqvarna when we were colleagues and travelled a lot in Russia, the Baltic States and North America, and when I heard that he was available I called immediately. There were a lot of laughs, but also a lot of work.”

Lars Martinsson, CEO Jaktia