Jonsered. Why stay ordinary.



Jonsered is a subsidiary and brand in the Husqvarna group. Jonsered's range of products extends from lawnmowers for domestic use to advanced professional equipment for forestry and park maintenance. Jonsered is small in relation to its sister brand, Husqvarna, but operates internationally in some 30 markets and is strong in its main target groups - farmers and semi-professionals. Jonsered sells through 5,000 retail dealers, primarily in Europe and North America.


Take the brand and the Jonsered business operation from obscurity to a strong and distinct market position through creating cooperation and synergies between the markets and the activities. And simultaneously increase profitability.

Brandplanner's role:
Lännart Nilsson worked as International Advertising Manager for the Jonsered brand from 1990 to 2002. In conjunction with advertising agencies and marketing companies, international communications were structured in clear annual marketing plans. These plans facilitated coordination and efficiency, thus reducing costs and markedly increasing impact in the market.


About Brandplanner:
”A straight, honest and clear collaboration is my summary. And demanding, but that's what it should be and can be if you trust each other. It wasn't like it often is - that we received a brief at the agency and then came back after 3 or 4 weeks and made a presentation. Rather it was an almost daily, and courteous, collaboration. It was different, enjoyable and demonstrably delivered excellent results.”

Håkan Hermansson, Project Manager with responsibility for Jonsered at Stendahls Advertising Agency