Pronode. Making sense.



Pronode is a technology integration company with expertise within “proximity sensing, touch and user interface solutions” for the automotive industry. The company is a joint venture by the electronics company Propoint in Kungsbacka and the technology development company Neonode in Stockholm.


The commission:
Create a profile for a new brand and business operation - Pronode. Develop a communication concept, and based on that, create an initial web presence to support a major recruitment and establishment process. And in a second, forthcoming step, fully develop the digital presence.


Brandplanner's role:
Brand adviser and project manager with responsibility for implementation of website and development of sales and marketing material.


Strategy & Text Johan Belin. Design & photo Styrbjörn Lyberg. Image processing & prepress Bosse Blom. Website Webmind.


About Brandplanner:
”Brandplanner has been a constructive partner to work with during the development of Pronode. Sharp, fast and with ideas that add something. The things we are engaged in at Pronode are not exactly simple, but Lännart and his colleagues seem to have a good basic understanding of our type of operation and that obviously helps. I am very much looking forward to proceeding with the job of developing our communication, because we really do have an exciting message to convey.”

Otto Lilja, Design Manger, Pronode