Don't employ. Contract in the team you need right now!

More or less all aspects of advertising and communication are changing at a fast pace, almost from day to day. If you are employing experts now, the question is whether they will still be experts in a year's time? Brandplanner's network of skills is constantly being updated and is adaptable.


Let contracted staff meet your needs!

Depending on your needs, we put together a team that is right for the task. We can collaborate with your staff or other resources, or take on the entire project using our own expertise.


Brandplanner has an active and experienced network of:

Brand and communication strategists
Art Directors and graphic designers
Copywriters and journalists
Producers – off-line and on-line

Photographers and film makers
Web designers and programmers
PR and Social Media experts

Media advisers
Image and Prepress Experts
Printers and graphic producers