Before you employ a new marketing manager: Check here what Brandplanner can do for you.

Regardless of whether it is B2B or B2C, all communication involves an exchange and relationships between people. I believe in H2H, Human to Human. And Brandplanner works on that basis in all phases of the commission and in all channels.

After 35 years in complex organisations, I know all about the process, and I have learned to do as little as possible! Leaving things out is sometimes absolutely crucial. Focus solely on what is absolutely the most important and add new activities and channels later.

Respect for elements such as sensitivity, promotion, grounding, focusing on the right things and a great deal of delimitation and simplification comes from real experience of implementing actual projects. Sometimes in small local situations and sometimes in over 100 markets throughout the world.

See what Brandplanner offers below.


Brandplanner has experience of and offers:

The brand
Brandplanner can help you to clarify and ground your brand in a structured and undramatic way.


Design, production and project management of websites from initial idea to launch.


Content Marketing
With the starting point in your needs and based on brand, target group and business activity, Brandplanner can go from idea to practical implementation of a Content Strategy. Content carriers such as newsletters, news flows, blogs, and social media can be highly effective, but also require work and commitment. And that's where Brandplanner can relieve the pressure and ensure that it really happens.

Brandplanner can take responsibility for coordinating PR work with other marketing activities and ensure that it is managed in accordance with the brand. And at the right time.

Campaigns and activities
Internet, printed material or advertisements? It can be the combination that is successful. Brandplanner can deliver all the way from creative concept to complete activity/media plan and campaign implementation.

Trade fairs and events
marketing activities such as trade fairs, seminars and customer events can often put too much pressure on an organisation that is already working hard. If you need to delegate the entire assignment or just a part of it, Brandplanner can shoulder the responsibility and bring the project to fruition.